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Want to find out more about sport, what you can do in your area and how to stay fit and healthy? Then this is the website for you. Stuffed full of information and cool articles, you’ll have no excuse but to get out there and do more sport.

There really is something for everyone, from those already into sport, to those who need to get fitter as part of a lifestyle change.

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Want to get fit, but unsure which sport is for you? Or are you bored of the sports you’re doing and want to try something new? Click here to find out more about all kinds of sport from the obvious to the wacky. Maybe there’s one listed you’d like to try!

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  • Funding Alert: May 15 May 12th, 2015

    Funding Alert: May 15

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    Member Focus: Steps 8 Ltd

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    Funding Alert: April 15

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If you run a community group, or a sports group within the Perry Barr constituency, then you should have a presence on this site. Click below to take a look at some of the other groups on Ice Sporting.

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